Media Micro Payments

Given the proliferation of payed media services like Netflix, Spotify or newspaper paywalls like the Times or Telegraph if there was a system where individual media items could be read for a small fee would people be interested in say paying 1 cent for an article or 10 cents to listen to a piece of music once?

However, micro-payment infrastructure is non-existent. Yes there are things like Patreon which serve artists and there are plenty of advertising driven services principally Google and to a lesser extent targeted ads on Facebook. The paid services such as Patreon expect ongoing payments which is annoying and mostly they are not micro whereas the advertising driven services require millions of views to generate a good income, for instance Spotify play return is 1:1000 that is 1 million plays result in $1000 and are biased to the favour big artists. But often most people listen / read / watch something once or at most twice so why not have a service where you consume per view say $0.10 or less. The service could be additive. That is if you consume the same item you ‘buy’ lifetime ownership.

The service would need to be a plugin or a wrapper website and the user authenticated and possibly anonymous to avoid irritating follow up. But if it was as simple as clicking a button to unlock an item with the cost clearly shown it could open up a lot of media that is otherwise hidden behind paywalls.